Frequently Asked Questions

Who should become CICP® Designated or Certified?

Any individual who will participate in or manage variable, merit- or performance-based compensation or reward programs for the workforce, consumers, distribution channel partners, supply-chain partners, executives, or other stakeholders.

What does it take to earn a CICP Certification?

Possess the appropriate pre-qualification, and complete the relevant Course and Assessment Exam:

  • Associate in Incentive Compensation Management (AICM®) Designation
  • Manager in Incentive Compensation Management (MICM®) Designation
  • Certified Incentive Compensation Professional (CICP®) Certification
  • Certified Incentive Compensation Master (CICM®) Certification  

Where are CICP® Certification courses held?

On a rotating schedule in major cities across the United States, Asia-Pacific, EMEA/MENA, and the Americas. Specific group or corporate courses can be privately-scheduled in most major locations.

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